Sunday, May 13, 2007


High Strength and high quality

CCSP are manufactured using the highest production techniques in plants where quality control is strictly enforced.

High performance and economics

High strength material is used. At the same time, the use of corrugated cross section makes them mechanically efficient while reducing weight. This allows PC Corrugated Sheet Piles to be produced very economically.

CCSP have no front or back making handling easier

Since a PC Corrugated Sheet Pile has no front or back, they can be used in various applications. No special instructions are needed for carrying, temporarily placing or lifting. This makes handling easy and reduces placement errors.

Large CCSP can be manufactured

Large or long CCSP can be manufactured from prestressed concrete (PC) without problems.

Completely free from rust and corrosion; make them useable even in marine structures

Since the piles are prestressed, there is no cracking. Also, they can be used for ocean structures in accordance with Standard Concrete Specification requirement, especially sever corrosive environment.

Can be made watertight

Using newly developed highly elastic vinyl chloride sealing materials, sheet piles can be sealed to prevent sand being sucked out, discoloration from water leaks and growth of weeds joints.

Excellent workability

Sheet piles can withstand a high tensile force, allowing them to be pulled out after driving; and are suited to mechanical construction work involving many kinds of machines, even vibro hammer, because they are made of prestressed concrete.

High driving accuracy

Because of corrugated cross section of the sheet piles, resisting planes are large in the lateral direction and the normal direction so that there is less tilting or overturning.

Small displacement (deflection) at the head of sheet piles

Even in case of self-standing sheet pile retaining walls, the displacement at the head portions is smaller than for other types, because the moment of inertia is large since the cross section is a wave form. This makes higher retaining walls possible.

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