Sunday, May 13, 2007


Prestressed Concrete Corrugated Sheet Piles (CCSP) can be used for port structures, river rieetment, sewerage, earth retaining walls and many other uses and were developed as a substitute for steel sheet piles. Because of there corrugated cross section, CCSP have better capabilities and are cheaper than conventional steel sheet piles. In particular, corrugated sheet piles perform at their best when being driven in; they can be placed with greater accuracy. Many users are already using CCSP and their excellent performance has been highly appreciated. These piles will satisfy for all structural demands.


Currently, the specified concrete strength used is 60 Mpa. Prestressing steel used for pretensioned member is either 15.2 or 12.7 mm diameter low relaxation strand with ultimate strength of 1900 MPa. Because the high performance concrete is protected against penetration of oxygen and chloride, durability against corrosion is very high under soil and water condition. High quality of vinyl chloride material is used for expansion joints and water stops, and this can protect spilling sand, leakage of dirty water and grass growing.


The CCSP is designed based on JIS A 5354-1993

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